About the Madness


This group is for those who love costuming in all it’s crazy forms. If your costume is off the beaten path, cannot really be defined, or makes people say “WHAT IS THAT THING,” then this is probably the group for you.
We only have a few rules:
1. NO SNARKING. We love all costuming of all kinds here, and if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything. DBAD, folks. Your momma taught you better.
2. NO NAKEDNESS. Lee-lo from the Fifth Element? Acceptable. Topless dancers? No. This is about costume. If you are not wearing a costume, you aren’t wearing a costume.
3. BE RESPECTFUL. Everyone has their own taste and style. Something here may not fit in with your aesthetic, but it is still welcome.
4. SITE YOUR SOURCE. Please post information about the maker of the costume, where the costume was worn, etc., so that we can tell the maker/wearer how awesome they are.
5. ORGANIZE. Please put any photos of costumes into an appropriate folder on Flickr so that people can find them more easily if they want to reference something. There is plenty of room in the costuming sandbox kids. Let’s be supportive and have some fun.
6. OK, SOME SNARKING. You are, however, allowed to snark on your own costume in terms of “Dear God, what WAS I thinking??!!”

About selling, advertising, etc.:
1. No SPAM.
2. No selling things (please clear it with me first), but you can recommend books, patterns, etc. you use, your friends use, your friends have made, etc. that you think are useful.
3. You CAN post projects you are working on, ask questions about construction, etc. We have folks of all different levels of skill and experience here, and likely someone will have a good answer for you.

Welcome to the Costuming Sandbox.


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