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The 15th Quarterly Challenge is over, so it is time to start thinking about the next one!

In honor of the upcoming 5th anniversary of Shear Madness…

Challenge #16 is ANYTHING GOES!

ANYTHING GOES Challenge 16

This challenge is for all costumers of all levels and all types! Enter your fabulous costume creation here!

Zombies! Bustle dresses! Disney! Anime! Fursuits! Superheroes! Clowns! Rockabilly! Steampunk! Monarchs! Mash-ups! ANYTHING GOES!

The submission deadline is January 1st, 2018 at midnight CST.

The Rules

1. Any costume completed between October 1st 2016 and January 1st 2018 qualifies! The submissions window opens on October 14, 2017 and closes January 1st 2018 at midnight CST. When you began your piece doesn’t matter as long as it was FINISHED within the time period of 10/1/2016 – 1/1/2018!

2. This challenge encompasses all sorts of genres– fantasy, cosplay, vintage, historical, etc. Creative materials are welcome and encouraged! Recreate a look from your favorite TV series or historical portrait or design a completely unique piece of your own!

3. This challenge is for a complete outfit from head to toe! Outfits can be as simple or as complex as you wish, so long as the overall “look” is complete!

4. 75% of the piece must be made or modified by you. 25% of your entry can be unaltered/purchased items. For example, if you buy a corset to wear as-is, it will factor into the 25%, but if you cover the corset in 100s of googly eyes, it is counted as part of the 75%.

5. We want to see your creativity and hard work on display, not someone else’s! Recreations of fashion plates, paintings, digital artwork, etc. are perfectly fine, but if you do reinterpret or take inspiration from someone else’s previous design, please give proper credit to them in your submission description. If you are portraying a character, please include the character’s name and the title of the show/book/artwork in which they appear!

— You are not required to enter a challenge to join the Facebook Group, but it is encouraged!—

How to Submit Your Challenge Entry

Challenge entries must be submitted to:

before midnight CST on January 1st, 2018!

—-> Submissions must include Your name, a TITLE for your entry, Up to 5 PICTURES, and a DESCRIPTION.

TITLE: Every work of art needs a good title! For example “1830s Cinderella” or “Red Wedding Guest” or “Alucard” or “Dolly Parton Goes To Ren Fair” etc.

PHOTOS: Photos are VERY IMPORTANT and can make or break an entry! Outfits can be displayed on mannequins or dress forms, but photos of it being worn by a human are preferred! Make sure you have at least one straight-on front shot so all the details can be seen! Include close-ups of specific details you are proud of like embellishment, process photos, alternate angles, etc. LIMIT OF 5 PHOTOS PER ENTRY, PLEASE!

DESCRIPTION: Along with your photos, include a description of your piece. Tell us about what makes your entry special! Did you try any new techniques? Is it made for particular person/persona? Have you worn it to any events? If you ran into any problems you had to tackle, tell us how you solved them. Judges greatly appreciate construction details!


—> Be sure to give credit to any artists if you chose to reinterpret their artwork!

If you can, please include a photo of the artwork and/or a link to the original source.

HAVE FUN! This is not something we want you to agonize over. This is to be a fun and inspiring challenge for you as a costumer to help you grow and express yourself. And if the entire thing doesn’t get finished? Oh well! Share or submit what you have!

Limit of two (2) entries per person per challenge.


Costumes posted in Facebook comment sections will not be counted as part of the challenge—they must be submitted via email ( to qualify. Contestants can share the progress of their outfits on their blogs or on the Shear Madness Facebook page. However, please do not post entries in their final state on the Facebook page until after judging is complete.

Judging and Awards

The judges will review the entries and the winners will be announced during the first week of January 2018. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners, as well as honorable mentions as chosen by the judges. Winners will be given a Shear Madness logo with their winning placement for display on their blog/website and will have their creations featured in the header on the Facebook group page! All submissions will have a photo featured on the Challenge’s final blog post!

Group administrators and moderators have the final say on any rules for challenges and may update them as needed.


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