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Challenge #10 was the cutest one yet!  Our judges had a blast looking through the adorable entries.  A big thank you to our wonderful judges:  Caitlin Shinder, Lisa Hansen, and Bethany Padron!

And here are the winners:

Third Place:  ”Baby Willy Wonka” by Amanda Fineran!


Amanda says:  “One of the first things many people notice about my daughter, Molly, is her platinum blonde and curly hair! So what choice did we have when determining her Halloween costume!? We had to do Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka!


Ready to give you a golden ticket!

When making costumes for myself, I strive for screen accuracy; but when making a child’s costume, comfort is a major factor. I also needed to make sure the costume was easy to get on and off, because I didn’t want her to get frustrated before the costume was even on.
The shirt in the movie was a cream colored, long-sleeve, dress shirt. I had a hard time finding just the right dress shirt pattern for this; apparently pattern makers know that toddlers don’t like dress shirts. I ended up using Simplicity 1574 (view d) which is short sleeved to keep Molly cooler, and added a zipper to make putting it on faster. This worked out well since the collar is the part that is most often seen. I made the collar extra big, to make sure that the collar stayed tucked into the vest even while Molly was running around picking up candy.
The vest in the movie is rather odd; it is double breasted with a high, scooped collar. The fabric is black with purple and pink flowers on it. I used Simplicity 4762 (view B) which achieved the perfect balance of comfort and style that I was looking for! I couldn’t do all the buttons that were in the movie, because that would simply take too long! I found some great purple and pink cotton fabric to use and it all came together perfectly.
The bow is a lot of fun! It’s shiny, gold, and is rarely tied neatly. I used a gold satin and cut the bow by trial and error; I got it right on the first try! The bow lays and stays in place very well between the collar and vest; even after running around at Zoo Boo!


Perfectly capturing Willy Wonka.

The jacket. Oh, the jacket! In the movie it’s a beautiful purple velvet with a lighter purple trim and patterned cream lining. The only problem? I’ve never made a suit coat and the only pattern for one in a toddler size was Burda 9443, a pattern brand I’ve never used because it was so difficult in the past! I found a purple fabric that was the perfect color; it wasn’t velvet, but it gave the right look, and truth be told, I don’t even know what the fabric is because it wasn’t labeled. The lining is a cream, paisley cotton and the trim is a light purple doublefold bias tape. I took my time with the jacket and it really paid off!
The pants are Dickies which I hemmed to fit. The shoes are just whatever shoes fit her right now; I decided that she is too picky about what goes on her feet to try and get something specific. The hat was bought but only used for 5 seconds per appearance, as her favorite thing to do with it is throw it. The lollipop is from Candy Land in Minneapolis; it is half prop, half bribe.
I am so pleased with how this costume turned out! Molly looks great in it and best of all, she loves wearing it! .

Judges’ comments:

Instantly recognizable, and very nice sewing. And I know how important it that this costume is comfortable and easy to take off and on. Kudos on getting the model to wear that tie!

“Great recreation! I particularly like what a great match you found for the vest fabric.”

“This is a good recreation and I appreciate the forethought that went into the comfort of the subject vs the accuracy to the source, including candy prop/bribes.”

Congratulations, Amanda!

Second Place:  ”Tiny Totoro” by A.J. Wu!


A.J. says:  “Totoro is one of my favorite Miyazaki films and I’d always planned to make Totoro costumes for The Brood. When Cation Designs decided to do a “Small Human Being Sew-Along”, I really wanted to participate so I decided on Totoro costumes. Lorelai joined in with a Chibi Totoro costume for her tadpole, so we had a complete set of Totoros.”




Hanging with his buddies.

Judges’ comments:

“The nubby texture on the fleece makes this work especially well. It looks comfy and fits well! Bravo!”

“This is so neatly finished and kid friendly. I’m fascinated that the ears stay perky. We MUST know her secret!”

“Beautiful sewing. Comfortable, and happy child. Since Totoro is a classic, this is an instant family heirloom.”

Congratulations, A.J.!

First Place:  ”Jane Porter from Tarzan”  by Tanya Gaspar!


Tanya says:  “This is actually the 2nd Jane Porter costume I’ve made her inspired by Disney’s Tarzan. I tried to make it both accurate to the cartoon and park face character.


Side view, action shot!

I drafted the pattern after spending a year of Frankenstein patterning. I had to cut the front apron piece twice to get it lay right. I did a scallop hem on the petticoat using a peanut butter jar lid for the pattern.


The inspiration photo, copyright Disney.

The puff sleeves were fitted with darts instead of gathering. Her spats were created by out friend Ashley Grono.


Busily recording her adventures.

I had to cut several prototype collars to get it to both resemble the character’s and to also lay nicely.

Judges’ comments:

“Everything about this is and the process is lovely; from the creative problem solving and methodical working to get the pattern ‘just right’ to pulling all the other accoutrements together.”

“Great fabric, and nice job recreating the silhouette. The attention to detail and accessories really pull the whole package together.”

“Cute, accurate, comfortable looking and great use of accessories. She looks like she’s enjoying herself. The puff and the swags all look excellent. All the hard work paid off!”

Congratulations, Tanya!

The judges decided to award the following Honorable Mention awards:


Honorable Mention for Recreation for “Megara from Hercules”, by Tanya Gaspar!


“Very cute! And how did you get a kid to wear a wig??!! Clever solutions to make the costume wearable for a child (interfacing hip wrap, leotard underneath, side zip). Great fabric choice, rather than having to do tons of pleating! Good color execution and costume was adapted well from a vamp to something for a youngster and nice wig.”

Honorable Mention for Creative Use of Materials for “Metalbeard Pirate,” by Raechel Fleming!


“Loving all the details, especially the shark! Excellent use of materials. I encourage the perseverance to experiment even on a deadline. Creative fabrication on a budget. Well played!”

Honorable Mention for Addition to Family Cosplay to “The Little Airbender”, by A.J. Wu!


“Great job re-creating the costume without overcomplicating the baby’s clothing. The temporary tattoo is such a great idea! Everything about this makes me smile. Family cosplay is the best! “

Honorable Mention for Making a Child’s Dream Come to Life for “The Petite Tsarina”, by Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Prill!  

Tzarina at Ursulmas

“I love how she lives this character! Exactly what a child’s costume should do. I wish we could see more of it. That is a kid who loves what she’s wearing. “

And here are the rest of our wonderful entries:

“Katy Perry Superbowl Outfit,” by Shannon Burchard!


“Great job making a very sexy costume appropriate for a young girl, without losing the style.”

“Hogwarts Robes” by Jess Dunow!


“Clever way of creating the pattern! The end result is adorable.”

“Elsa, The Frozen Jedi,” by Leigh Fenty!


“I love that you can clearly see both inspirations for this outfit– great design.”

“Captain America,” by Leigh Fenty!


“True blue American style!”

“Cyberdread Batman,” by Leah Lloyd!


“Looks very fun to wear!”

“Baby Mermaid,” by Andrea Roady!


“Super cute and a great effect with the different colors of fleece scales!”

Thanks to all the wonderful entries we received for Challenge #10!  We look forward to seeing what you have in store for Challenge #11:  The Way You Wear Your Hat!

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