The 2016 Fabric-Along!

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Now that the Single Fabric Challenge has come to an end, I wanted to do something else fun for the group as a whole, and I decided to do a “fabric-along” challenge/party.

The idea behind a fabric-along is that a design is picked with various color-ways, and people can purchase fabric of their own color choice, and participate.  You can make anything costume related, of any style, but the fabric purchased needs to be obvious and integral to the design in some way.  No linings or trim only.

The Fabric supplier of Shear Madness challenges.

The Fabric supplier of Shear Madness challenges.

The judging of these will be different than the previous challenges.  People will submit their photos to me of what they have made, they will be uploaded into an album, and the Shear Madness support group will vote on their favorites.  I will also pick a “Laura’s Choice” from the group for an extra award.  The winners will receive Shear Madness award ribbons, and the 1st place winner (and Laura’s Choice winner) will each receive 3 yards of fabric from

So which fabric are we doing?  Well, I was inspired by one of my favorite movies, and one I have personally recreated costumes from – “The Sound of Music.”  The fabric design chosen is very similar to that of the curtains used by Maria to make play-clothes for the Von Trapp children.  It is:

Ozborne comes in various colors (there are currently 19 options on, and it is a slightly heavier twill fabric with the design printed on it.  It is 100% cotton fabric.  It does not have a delicate drape, but is structurally very good.  It is a fairly large repeat, so pay attention to the ruler with the measurements when ordering your yardage.  Note that sometimes they do a run of this fabric in a much smaller repeat, so make sure you know the size when ordering.

There is a similar print called “Traditions” and one called “Madison” that are also acceptable for use, as they really are very similar.  The fabric width is 54 inches wide.  The fabric also washes fairly well, with minimal shrinkage in my experience, but your experience may differ.

Part of the idea of the fabric-along is that people working on the outfits made from the fabric post updates, color choices, etc. on the group, so we can follow along.  I will have a separate album that people can add photos to as the challenge progresses.

So what can someone do with this fabric?  Well, I did participate in a Sound of Music group in which we used the olive colorway to make our curtain outfits:

Our rather modern and unorthodox take on the Von Trapp family.

Our rather modern and unorthodox take on the Von Trapp family.

And I modded the dress to make it Victorian-esque for a Steampunk Fezziwig’s party:

That would be Edelweiss on my bustle, and my hat is covered in my favorite things.

That would be Edelweiss on my bustle, and my hat is covered in my favorite things.

So choose your colorway, purchase your fabric, and join in the fun!  The Challenge ends June 15th, and your final photos and text must be submitted to me by midnight CST on that date, either via FB email or via regular email at

I’m looking forward to seeing all the fabulous things you come up with!


One thought on “The 2016 Fabric-Along!

  1. says:

    What happened to the 2016 Fabric Along, there has been no update since Jan.2016 and the challenge ended on the 15th of June? I am just curious to see the various submissions for the 2016 fabric along.

    Thank you,

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