So You Want to Enter Challenge #4, The Embellishment Challenge

Challenge #4 – “Putting Stuff on Your Stuff!” – The Embellishment Challenge!  Decorating or otherwise adding stuff to various pieces of your costume.

Here at Shear Madness HQ we thought it might be helpful to show some examples of different outfits that have been embellished and how really fun and creative the end results can be!

For a change, we thought we would use some examples of prior entries to show different methods of embellishment.

Steampunk Mummy Headdress.

Steampunk Mummy Headdress.

1.  Lis Kester’s headdress has many different kinds of embellishment on it and on the gown made to go with it.  There are beads, manipulated hair and beetle wings on the headpiece.  The necklace for the gown has been deconstructed from it’s original state and been re-done to make it more into the vision Lis had for the outfit.  The garment itself has been deconstructed, dyed, and destroyed in places to make it look more like something a Victorian mummy would have worn.

Headdress for her Future Fashion Folio entry for Costume Con 2014.

Headdress for her Future Fashion Folio entry for Costume Con 2014.

2.  This headpiece by Genevieve Leprohon is covered in embellished details.  Pearls, beads, dangling trim, feathers, shells, etc.  All of the pieces are meant to represent a motif from the inspiration art.

"Really beautiful, clean work, and you got an end product that you should be incredibly proud of! I love the shape, how nice and thin your brim edges are, amount and placement of your décor, and those little curly goose feathers tat peek up over the back are just perfection! It looks great ON, too."

A festive riding hat.

3.  Lisa Hansen’s gorgeous riding hat has a tone-on-tone and more simplistic embellishment – ribbons and feathers as an adornment for her hat.

Lisa Hansen's 3D Anime Costumes

Lisa Hansen’s 3D Anime Costumes

4.  Another one from Lisa Hansen – very complex 3D Anime costumes.  These have buckles, straps, tubes, wire, etc.

Our mascot.

Our mascot.

5.  The Shear Madness Mascot is heavily embellished.  Embroidery and trim on her boots.  Embroidery, beadwork, trim and chain on her skirt.  A faux-mechanical fronts-piece with findings, gears, copper strapping and copper vent-covers.  Embroidered lapels.  Hand-beaded silk sleeves.  Bloomers covered with lace, trim, beads and cording.  A copper beaded ruff with copper mesh.  A beaded crown on her knit and crocheted wig.  I don’t think there is a single piece on this that isn’t embellished, other than the pre-made gloves.

Hopefully these examples will give you some ideas about some of the different ways you could approach this challenge.

Good luck and happy crafting!


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